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How to advertise successfully on the internet?

Most of Internet users search exactly for what they need to buy through Internet search engines or through a search form directly on the page of our portal. If you want your classified ad to be successful, we offer you some advice:

Advertise to the point
The Heading and the Text of the classified ad are the most important parts of the classified ad and therefore it is important to write these parts properly and to the point. Classified ads with general, non-specific headings, such as „I will cheaply sell“, „Watch out“, „Super earnings“, „Action“, etc. are visited very rarely, because if someone wants to buy a specific product, he or she will certainly not look for a link „I will cheaply sell“ or „Watch out“, etc., but will be directly looking for that specific item. Imagine you want to buy a product and think about how you would look for the product on the Internet (under what name or sentence)? The heading and text should also not include your contact data, because no potential buyer would look for your classified ad by your telephone number, e-mail or URL address.
Advertise specifically
For instance, if someone wants to buy a „Mercedes SL600“, he or she will look for the links to „Mercedes SL600“, „Mercedes SL600 sale“, etc. Therefore, if you want potential buyer to find your classified ad, the heading of the classified ad must be apt and specific. The heading should be as specific as possible, for example, „Selling a Mercedes SL600“ instead of a general heading „Selling a car“. Similarly, describe the product as specifically as possible in the text of the classified ad.
Advertise without errors
Avoid typing errors and check all your contact data because if you input them incorrectly potential customer may not contact you successfully.
Advertise effectively
In order for the classified ad to be targeted, the main point of the classified ad, for example „Selling a Mercedes SL600“, should be present once in the heading and once in the text of the classified ad. However, avoid over repeating the same words or phrases, such as „Selling a Mercedes, Selling a Mercedes, Selling a Mercedes“, because many Internet search engines consider such text SPAM and they will not index them at all, and your classified ad will not be able to acquire potential customers through Internet search engines.
Advertise transparently
Do not highlight your classified ads by using various special characters, writing capital letters, etc. Try to compare which of these texts is more readable: „ADVERTISE FREE OF CHARGE“ or „ #!ADVERTISE FREE OF CHARGE!# “ or „a d v e r t i s e f r e e o f c h a r g e“ or „advertise free of charge“? It has been proven that the human eye can best read classically text written with small letters. Although, „ADVERTISE FREE OF CHARGE“ is slightly more distinctive, it is substantially more difficult to read it than the classic text „advertise free of charge“...
Advertise objectively
Advertise only what you are really offering. In the text of your classified ad you should highlight the strengths of your offer, but do not forget to mention possible weaknesses as well.
Advertise pointedly
When inserting an classified ad, include it into a category and sub-category, which describe the content of the classified ad in the best way. If a visitor to the portal wants to buy, for example, a car, he or she will not look for classified ads in the „Real Estate“ category...
Advertise currently
If your classified ad is no longer up-to-date (if you sold the product before the validity of your classified ad expires) do not forget to delete your classified ad. Classified ads that are not up-to-date only mislead the visitors to the portal and harm up-to-date classified ads.
Advertise seriously
Rigidly adhere to the rules of the portal and you will avoid the rejection or deletion of your classified ads.
Advertise successfully
We believe that the above advice will help you and your classified ads will be successful. We wish you good luck.